“Do Macs get viruses…?”  Yes

If you have purchased an Apple computer because they don’t get viruses, you may be in for a surprise. There was a time when Macs got viruses and PCs didn’t.  If you own an Apple computer you still need to protect your information and your system from the bad guys.  Your computer still connects to the internet and there are dangers lurking.

As Apple computers become more popular, the programmers who write code to exploit security shortcomings of operating systems will likely begin targeting Apple as well.  The lion’s share of the personal computer market is the Windows based PC.  This is the main reason why viruses and other malicious software targets Windows PCs.  It is shear numbers.

Most of the major anti-virus software vendors have solutions for Apple products (including iPad and iPhone operating systems) as well as Windows systems.  It is a very good idea to get a subscription for your Apple devices and protect your data and personal information.  You should also do your backups regularly.

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